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Finding the right gift idea for that special person or event can be quite a challenge. How do you decide what is the most appropriate gift to show how much you care?

Our Gift Ideas section provides you with easy to read articles chock full of great gift ideas that will help you decide what's best. We add new articles on gift ideas almost daily. So, make sure you bookmark this page so you can return whenever you need help with your gift giving events!

Summer Nights (feat. John Legend) [The Him Remix] - Single - Tiësto

Summer Nights (feat. John Legend) [The Him Remix] - Single by Tiësto

Poem of the Day: Analysis of Baseball

It’s about                    Ball fits
the ball,                      mitt, but
the bat,                       not all                 
and the mitt.             the time.
Ball hits                      Sometimes
bat, or it                     ball gets hit
hits mitt.                    (pow) when bat
Bat doesn’t                meets it,
hit ball,                       and sails
bat meets it.              to a place
Ball bounces             where mitt
off bat, flies               has to quit
air, or thuds              in disgrace.
ground (dud)            That’s about
or it                             the bases
fits mitt.                     loaded,
                                     about 40,000
Bat waits                    fans exploded.
for ball
to mate.                     It’s about
Ball hates                  the ball,
to take bat’s              the bat,
bait. Ball                    the mitt,
flirts, bat’s                 the bases
late, don’t                   and the fans.
keep the date.           It’s done
Ball goes in                on a diamond,
(thwack) to mitt,      and for fun.
and goes out              It’s about
(thwack) back           home, and it’s
to mitt.                       about run.

May Swenson, “Analysis of Baseball” from New and Selected Things Taking Place (Boston: Atlantic/Little Brown, 1978). Copyright © 1978 by May Swenson. Reprinted with the permission of The Literary Estate of May Swenson.

Source: New and Selected Things Taking Place(Little Brown and Company, 1978)

May Swenson

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Different Now - Single - Fetty Wap

Different Now - Single by Fetty Wap

Molly Ringwald Recalls Years of Sexual Abuse as a Teen in Hollywood

More actors and actress continue to come forward to share their own personal stories of sexual assault and abuse in Hollywood.

Poem of the Day: “Mexican” Is Not a Noun

is not
a noun
or an

is a life

a check
mark on
 a welfare

more than
a word
a nail in
the soul

it hurts
it points
it dreams
it offends
it cries

it moves
it strikes
it burns
just like
a verb

Francisco X. Alarcón, “Mexican Is Not  A Noun” from From the Other Side of Night/Del otro lado de la noche. Copyright © 2002 by Francisco X. Alarcón. Reprinted by permission of University of Arizona Press.

Source: From the Other Side of Night/Del otro lado de la noche(University of Arizona Press, 2002)

Francisco X. Alarcón

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Hidden Gem

Forged by the wear of water rushing over rocks, Olo Canyon in Arizona is concealed inside the Grand Canyon. Its alluring landscape includes natural springs and rocks shaped like cathedral amphitheaters.

See more pictures from the September 2016 story "Are We Losing the Grand Canyon?"

Ballad of Lefty Brown Trailer Has Bill Pullman Seeking Justice

Bill Pullman stars as a cowboy seeking justice for his murdered partner in the Old West in the trailer for A24's The Ballad of Lefty Brown.

What we know and don't know about the deadly Niger ambush

Brave Enough - Lindsey Stirling

Brave Enough by Lindsey Stirling

Poem of the Day: The Strangers Who Find Me in the Woods

The strangers in the woods must mimic squirrels and crackle
with the undergrowth. They must not flinch at the cruelty
of breaking golden leaves with their feet, or of interring stones.
And like any of these deciduous trees in autumn they must be

stingy with shadow and move deceptively across the sludge.
I listen to these strangers stirring with the evenings. I invent paths
for them to the soft edge of the lake. Each descent is as graceful
as a sinking ship, but less tragic somehow because these strangers

don’t possess a lung. I cannot hear them breathe, yet the air
is all whispers, all sighs—the same ethereal muscle that rubs
the color off the foliage. I lost my way out of the woods on the night
every bird went south or numb. A plump rat snatched the moon

and dragged it by the white rope of its tail. The strangers were
a cloak of silhouettes flattening against a trunk like bark.
I must have disappeared among them because the mouth I touched
was not my own and was cruelly closing in on someone’s rib. I carried

such a bite on me, an arc of green and yellow on my side from the man
who said he loved me. In that darkness I knew as much about him
as I did of the amputee swimming his way up the hill with his
only arm. So this is the home of the unturned stone where

the fugitive keeps his kiss! Archeologists will discover a paradise
in the place no touch died of neglect. Is it any wonder all things
forgotten or abandoned find their way here? The winter is back, so too
the bloated body of a book I tossed over the bridge last week.

And there on the bench, is my old smoking habit, a cigarette
glowing on my mouth like a beacon. I’m patient, waiting for the fugitive
to claim me as his own. I’m as wise as any stranger here, alone but with
the knowledge that the grief of separation is always brief.

Rigoberto Gonzalez, “The Strangers Who Find Me in the Woods” from Other Fugitives and Other Strangers. Copyright © 2006 by Rigoberto Gonzalez. Reprinted by permission of Tupelo Press.

Source: Other Fugitives and Other Strangers(Tupelo Press, 2006)

Rigoberto González

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Flood of Color

Floods bring a mosaic of color to the rice fields of Y Ty, Vietnam. The wet season typically lasts from May to June in the mountainous village.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

McCain: Administration not being up front about attack

Sen. John McCain argued Wednesday that the Trump administration is not being forthcoming about the attack in Niger that left four US soldiers dead and two wounded.

'You Dropped Something!'

Your Shot photographer Suyash Mehta gained a souvenir from a passing eagle in Satara, India: a long feather. India is home to nearly two dozen eagle species.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

Poem of the Day: from The Fatalist: “Come October, it's the lake not the border”

Come October, it’s the lake not the border
that has been redrawn. Thinking
about the event afterwards, I realize how remarkably well-prepared   
the girls are. There don’t seem to be any slouches
among them. Please tell them I say hello and that we’ll need 14   
for the green salad and 14 for the apple tarts between
with some rapid washing in clear water I remember as play
and planning in childhood, preparing until the very last moment   
for a gripping narrative that was itself perpetually given over
to improvisations and asymmetrical collaborations that could run
for days. That makes another 14. It was ”the word“ or “the world” in 1981   
when we undertook to talk about the phrase
“once in a while” once in a while
noting the vagueness then named “a while” and how “once” the phrase   
recurs and therefore means more than once
the “while” is defined. We too are in “a while”   
and when “once” next occurs, if the basic design suits
you, we will need a bit of modestly biographical contextualization   
for November. I’m going to put some thought to something
implausibly contemporary which perhaps isn’t wise
since between then and now no new coincidences have been noted   
just one large color photograph of bespangled cowgirls
herding heavy bulls up the avenue that opens this week carefully   
wearing baby blue boots to take out the garbage
but it never rained. At the end of the month, Halloween should be clear.

Lyn Hejinian, “Come October, it's the lake not the border ...” from The Fatalist. Copyright © 2003 by Lyn Hejinian. Reprinted with the permission of Omnidawn Publishing,

Source: The Fatalist(Omnidawn Publishing, 2003)

Lyn Hejinian

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Rise Up (Workout Mix) - Single - Power Music Workout

Rise Up (Workout Mix) - Single by Power Music Workout

Poem of the Day: Enough Music

Sometimes, when we're on a long drive,
and we've talked enough and listened
to enough music and stopped twice,
once to eat, once to see the view,
we fall into this rhythm of silence.
It swings back and forth between us
like a rope over a lake.
Maybe it's what we don't say
that saves us.

Poem copyright ©1994 by Dorianne Laux, “Enough Music,” (What We Carry, BOA Editions, 1994). Poem reprinted by permission of Dorianne Laux and the publisher.

Dorianne Laux

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First Saw 8 Clip Revives One of Jigsaw's Most Twisted Games

Jigsaw is back to his old tricks in a horrifying sneak peak at the latest Saw sequel.

Losing My Religion - Kirk Franklin

Losing My Religion by Kirk Franklin

White House seeks to explain unreleased Niger statement

It's not clear why it took President Donald Trump 12 days to publicly comment on the deaths of US troops killed in an ambush in Niger, but it wasn't for lack of effort from some White House officials.

Poem of the Day: AmeRícan

we gave birth to a new generation,
AmeRícan, broader than lost gold
never touched, hidden inside the
puerto rican mountains.

we gave birth to a new generation
AmeRícan, it includes everything
imaginable you-name-it-we-got-it

we gave birth to a new generation,
AmeRícan salutes all folklores,
european, indian, black, spanish
and anything else compatible:

AmeRícan,       singing to composer pedro flores' palm
                           trees up high in the universal sky!

AmeRícan,       sweet soft spanish danzas gypsies
                           moving lyrics la española cascabelling
                           presence always singing at our side!

AmeRícan,       beating jíbaro modern troubadours
                           crying guitars romantic continental
                           bolero love songs!

AmeRícan,       across forth and across back
                           back across and forth back
                           forth across and back and forth
                           our trips are walking bridges!
                           it all dissolved into itself, an attempt
                           was truly made, the attempt was truly
                           absorbed, digested, we spit out
                           the poison, we spit out in malice,
                           we stand, affirmative in action,
                           to reproduce a broader answer to the
                           marginality that gobbled us up abruptly!

AmeRícan,       walking plena-rhythms in new york,
                           strutting beautifully alert, alive
                           many turning eyes wondering,

AmeRícan,       defining myself my own way any way many
                           many ways Am e Rícan, with the big R and the
                           accent on the í!

AmeRícan,       like the soul gliding talk of gospel
                           boogie music!

AmeRícan,       speaking new words in spanglish tenements,
                           fast tongue moving street corner "que
                           corta" talk being invented at the insistence
                           of a smile!

AmeRícan,       abounding inside so many ethnic english
                           people, and out of humanity, we blend
                           and mix all that is good!

AmeRícan,       integrating in new york and defining our
                           own destino, our own way of life,

AmeRícan,       defining the new america, humane america,
                           admired america, loved america, harmonious
                           america, the world in peace, our energies
                           collectively invested to find other civili-
                           zations, to touch God, further and further,
                           to dwell in the spirit of divinity!

AmeRícan,       yes, for now, for i love this, my second
                           land, and i dream to take the accent from 
                           the altercation, and be proud to call
                           myself american, in the u.s. sense of the 
                           word, AmeRícan, America!

Tato Laviera, "AmeRícan" from Benedición: The Complete Poetry of Tato Laviera. Copyright © 2014 by Tato Laviera.  Reprinted by permission of Arte Público Press.

Source: Benedición: The Complete Poetry of Tato Laviera(Arte Público Press, 2014)

Tato Laviera

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A Walk on the Wild Side

Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a wild enclosure at a conservation center in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve. China has been creating reserves to restore and protect disappearing panda habitat and is now introducing captive-bred pandas into the wild.

See more pictures from the August 2016 feature story "Pandas Get to Know Their Wild Side."

Neon Nights

With raindrops no longer falling, this street in Beijing, China, hums back to life under the glow of neon signs. Your Shot photographer Caue Ferraz took this photo in the neighborhood around Jingshan Park, a 57-acre green space with views into the Forbidden City.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

Death Race 4 Trailer Brings Frankenstein Back from Hell

Zach McGowan joins the Death Race franchise with the explosive sequel Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, debuting on Blu-ray in January.

Former Blink-182 Member Crowdfunds UFO in Attempt to Bend Space-Time

Take off your pants and jacket, it's time to donate money to build the Blink-182 spaceship and explore the cosmos.

Veterans dismayed by Trump's urge to 'punch back' in feud

President Donald Trump's controversial response to the deaths of four US soldiers has evolved into a politicized war of words with a Democratic congresswoman and -- by extension, the widow of a fallen service member -- sparking concerns that the US civilian-military divide may be at a crisis point.

Golden Hills

Your Shot photographer Hannah Overeem captured this shot of her dog, Badger, an Australian cattle dog, in Chino Hills, California. She writes that the contrast of the golden field and blue-and-white sky give this image a “surreal” look.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

Homecoming Becomes a Horror Movie in Spider-Man Fan Video

A fan-made trailer recuts Spider-Man: Homecoming as a cheesy horror movie and it completely works.

Blonde - Frank Ocean

Blonde by Frank Ocean

Poem of the Day: The Process

So grateful the process is clean
and faithful. Does not cheat
like a disenchanted spouse
dozing on a haggard couch.

Take heart: the process is always right — 
is automatic, phlegmatic. Clean, cold,
and always refreshing. Brewed to perfection
some say. Guaranteed to satisfy

you might say. Give thanks the process
is organized. Synchronized and sterilized.
Optimized but not disguised, like
the grown man at my door long after

trick-or-treaters have gone, hand
outstretched, mask covering his eyes.
Thankful, too, for the oversight: no
boogeyman standing over the drain pipe,

clogging it with debris when no one sees
so he can charge you your life
for the cleaning; name your price.
And how shall we praise the instruments

of investigation? So shiny, so new, gleaming
with silver and glass? No traces of fingerprints
or funders. No whispered voices
softly requesting, of the results, a first glance.

There’s no need to come clean. We know
the process won’t fall prey to steak and wine
and then slink upstairs to spend some time,
just a little. The process doesn’t. The process

wouldn’t. The process isn’t that kind.

Source: Poetry March 2017

Dilruba Ahmed

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Sandy Oasis

Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, is a nation of tranquility, but Sandy Island takes it to another level. This speck of sand in the bright blue waters is constantly reshaped by the ocean and weather, and visitors to the cay are encouraged to make reservations. Your Shot photographer Matthew Wade captured this shot using a drone.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

Be as You Are (Acoustic) - Single - Mike Posner

Be as You Are (Acoustic) - Single by Mike Posner

A Flash in the Distance

Flashes of lightning illuminate the night sky above Lake Ontario, as seen from an overlook in Lyndonville, New York—located about an hour from the Canadian border at Niagara Falls.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

Poem of the Day: Church Monuments

While that my soul repairs to her devotion,
Here I intomb my flesh, that it betimes
May take acquaintance of this heap of dust;
To which the blast of death's incessant motion,
Fed with the exhalation of our crimes,
Drives all at last. Therefore I gladly trust

My body to this school, that it may learn
To spell his elements, and find his birth
Written in dusty heraldry and lines ;
Which dissolution sure doth best discern,
Comparing dust with dust, and earth with earth.
These laugh at jet, and marble put for signs,

To sever the good fellowship of dust,
And spoil the meeting. What shall point out them,
When they shall bow, and kneel, and fall down flat
To kiss those heaps, which now they have in trust?
Dear flesh, while I do pray, learn here thy stem
And true descent: that when thou shalt grow fat,

And wanton in thy cravings, thou mayst know,
That flesh is but the glass, which holds the dust
That measures all our time; which also shall
Be crumbled into dust. Mark, here below,
How tame these ashes are, how free from lust,
That thou mayst fit thyself against thy fall.

Poem of the Day: Contemplations at the Virgin de la Caridad Cafetería, Inc.

Que será, el café of this holy, incorporated place,
the wild steam of scorched espresso cakes rising
like mirages from the aromatic waste, waving
over the coffee-glossed lips of these faces
assembled for a standing breakfast of nostalgia,
of tastes that swirl with the delicacy of memories
in these forty-cent cups of brown sugar histories,
in the swirling froth of café-con-leche, que será,
what have they seen that they cannot forget—
the broad-leaf waves of tabaco and plaintains
the clay dust of red and nameless mountains,
que será, that this morning I too am a speck;
I am the brilliant guitar of a tropical morning
speaking Spanish and ribboning through potions
of waist-high steam and green cane oceans,
que será, drums vanishing and returning,
the African gods that rule a rhythmic land
playing their music: bongó, bembé, conga;
que será, that cast the spells of this rumba,
this wild birthright, this tropical dance
with the palms of this exotic confusion;
que será, that I too should be a question,
que será, what have I seen, what do I know—
culture of café and loss, this place I call home.
"Contemplations at the Virgin de la Caridad Cafeteria, Inc." from City of a Hundred Fires, by Richard Blanco, © 1998. All rights are controlled by the University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA 15260.  Used by permission of University of Pittsburgh Press.

Source: City of a Hundred Fires(University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998)

Richard Blanco

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Still Falling For You (From "Bridget Jones's Baby" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Single - Ellie Goulding

Still Falling For You (From "Bridget Jones's Baby" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Single by Ellie Goulding

Ragnarok Star Wants a Female Thor in the MCU

Thor: Ragnarok star Karl Urban feels it's time to for a female Thor to join the MCU.

Poem of the Day: October, Remembering the Ride No One Saw

Steel horses nodding
In the petroleum field are beasts
That suck
The crude of earth.
They have lived here for as long as I
Remember. This moment,
I smell wild incense:
Heather, abducted by a desert wind.
Its growth hides
The rain-carved ribs of the foothills.
Evening swallows
The city fasting on late fall.
Years ago, after hearing the story
About a boy who lost
Both legs while playing on an oil pump,
I was dared to straddle one.
All my friends were there to watch
The Pacific behind me burning with dusk.
The brute lifted me to the sky,
Where I merged with the twilight,
A warm breeze embracing my back.
None of them noticed
The world stopped to breathe.
When I looked, they disappeared.
Nearby in pink-flowered bushes
Someone found
The girl who’d been missing for weeks.
They stood in awe, the body
Decomposing, while I rode
The slow bucking animal.
Two months later, off the same pump,
A man dove,
An imperfect swan into night.
He landed in the dirt gully
Breaking the soft, white wings
He never had.
Today, I catch in my hand
An insect charged with lightning.
It tickles
The obscure scoop of my palm
As I hold it to my mouth and explain
A wish so simple
By morning I will have forgotten it.
I release
The bug to a desert wind
That is racing toward the sea,
A brutal dryness in its wake.
Fire in the hills everywhere.

Rick Noguchi, "October, Remembering the Ride No One Saw" from The Ocean Inside.  Copyright © 1996 by Rick  Noguchi.  All rights are controlled by the University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Used by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press.

Source: The Ocean Inside(University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996)

Rick Noguchi

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I Love You Daddy Trailer Teams Louis C.K. and Chloe Moretz

Louis C.K. stars as a writer whose teenage daughter starts spending time with a controversial director in the trailer for I Love You Daddy.

Into You (Workout Mix) - Single - Power Music Workout

Into You (Workout Mix) - Single by Power Music Workout

His inability to ignore a perceived slight has caused trouble over the handling of deadly Niger ambush

President Donald Trump's chronic inability to turn the other cheek to a perceived slight has landed the White House with a crisis on multiple fronts over his handling of the ISIS ambush in Niger that killed four US troops.

Croods 2 Finds Its Director, Brings in Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann has joined the cast for DreamWorks Animation's The Croods 2, with Joel Crawford making his directorial debut with the animated sequel.

Flashy New Justice League Poster Has Barry Allen Leading the Team

Warner Bros. releases a very colorful new Justice League poster as the movie gets ready for its November release.

Into You (3LAU Remix) - Single - Ariana Grande

Into You (3LAU Remix) - Single by Ariana Grande

Behind the Curtain

Circus performers in Hanoi, Vietnam, prepare for the show minutes before it gets under way. Nguyen Thi Thu Hiep, shown here stretching, is a contortionist. For extra money, she also performs at private parties and social events.

See more pictures from the September 2016 story "A Life at the Circus: Going Behind the Curtain in Vietnam."

City of Sun Showers

Even in a rainstorm, Paris lives up to its nickname of the City of Light, as sun streaks through storm clouds over the city in this image by Your Shot photographer Raffaele Tuzio.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more. Join now >>

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